Unlimited Maps

With Google Maps Bank, you can create as many maps as you need in your website and customize each map with different settings. You can include multiple shortcodes on a single page to display as many maps as you want.

Unlimited Locations

Google Maps Bank allows you to create unlimited locations and display google maps on any page or post using user-friendly shortcode.


Google Maps Bank provide direction services by which the user can get the direction for different locations or places. All the users need to do is use their location, choose an end point and they will get detailed directions.

Store Locator

The Google Maps Bank comes with a Store Locator option, that allows users to search markers based on address, radius and marker category. You can create an interactive map for your website that shows your customers the location of all your stores.


Google Maps Bank plugin is optimized to function beautifully on almost any device. It is designed to look perfect irrespective of the device you are using. Your maps will scale beautifully on every kind of device.


With Google Maps Bank, you can use rectangles with desired settings to highlight the geographical area of a particular region or a state using a rectangular box. You can draw rectangles on your map and style them with color, opacity, border etc.


Polygons are used to indicate or connect regions with in closed loop on a map. You can easily create a polygon on the map, give shape and set styles on it. With Google Maps polygon, you can show the borders of a specific location to your visitors.


You can add colorful polylines (generate automatic latitude and longitude on the basis of locations) to your map to highlight or show a specific area on the map. You can draw polylines on your map and style them with color, opacity, border etc.


With Google Maps Bank, you can use circles to highlight the geographical rounded area of a particular region or a state showing the specific range. You can draw circles on your map and style them with color, opacity, border etc.

Easy Setup

The plugin displays tooltips in the whole admin area and settings. You can easily change settings to customize maps according to your needs. It allows you to customize colors, fonts, animation, layout, look and so much more.

Shortcode Wizard

To create new WordPress maps you can just input simple shortcode into your post, page, text widget or taxonomy description. You can easily insert a map into any post or page using the Google Maps Bank shortcode wizard.


Widgets allows your Google Maps to be displayed in your page, sidebar or footer and where ever you want it to be! You can display Google Map on Sidebar, Footer or anywhere needed using the Google Maps Bank Widget.

Travel Modes

With Google Maps Bank, you can choose your mode for travel. It will give you directions according to your chosen mode. Using this, users can view the travelling routes for locations on a Google Map based on their mode of transport.

Street View

It provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world which can be used to take virtual walks, explore landmarks or find places. Let your users view a location in street view without leaving the page.

Different Google Map Types

It is used to display map tiles within the current viewport and zoom level. You can use different map types like Road Map, Terrain, Hybrid and Satellite. It is an interface which translate coordinate system from screen coordinate to world coordinate.

Interactive Map Modes

Interactive Map Mode lets you choose from five different map modes that are Directions, Place, Search, Street View and View. Place pins the location entered in map’s settings on the map and View Mode shows only the map without any markers.

Impressive Info Windows

Google Maps provide info windows to display the content on a map in a popup window. The content like images or some text can be displayed to provide information about a location on the map by using Info Window and customize it with available options.


Using Geocoding, you can easily convert a street address, city & state or country into its geographical coordinates i.e. latitude and longitude! You can also manually specify locations using Latitude and Longitude.

Marker Title & Description

Markers are used to mark a single location on the map. You can also add title and description to these markers to make them more interactive and provide a brief information about the pointed location to the users.

Marker Icons

Markers are used to identify the particular location on a map. You can choose among different icons that are available to you in the plugin or you can use any icon of your own choice to mark locations on Google Maps.

Custom Marker

Google Maps Bank allows you to upload custom markers. You can choose among various markers that are available to you in Google Maps Bank or you can upload and use your own markers if you feel you need more flexibility in the maps.

Map Layout Settings

Google Maps Bank provides several tools to layout your map in an effective manner. You can also customize height and width of map, show or hide map controls, change positions of controls. You can also customize Title and Description for maps.

Control Options

Full support to controls such as zoom, scale, street view control, fullscreen and rotate control. These controls are provided to increase user interaction with the maps. It also allow the users to choose Map Type like Satellite, Roadmap, Hybrid or Terrain.

Bicycling Layer

Bicycling Layer will display a layer of bike paths, suggested bike routes and other overlays specific to bicycling usage on top of the given map. This layer display the information about the bicycle path for the selected region or a city.

Traffic Layer

Traffic layer allows you to display real-time traffic information to your maps. Traffic information is provided for the time at which the request is made.

Transit Layer

Transit Layer allows you to display the public transit network of a city on your map. Enabling this layer will alter the style of base map to better emphasize transit routes. Google Maps provide the transit information only for some available locations.

Heatmap Layer

Heatmap is a visualization used to depict the intensity of data at geographical points. When the Heatmap Layer is enabled, a colored overlay will appear on top of the map to display the geographical point’s data intensity.

Fusion Layer

Fusion Tables are tables of data that provide built-in geographic data support. It offers a great alternative to add your own data to your maps. The Fusion Layer renders the data contained in these Fusion Tables onto the Google Map.

KML Layer

KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language and can be used to create custom overlays on Google Maps. KML Layers specify a set of features (such as place marks, images, polygons, 3D models, textual descriptions, etc.) for display in Google Maps.

Full Screen Support

Google Maps Bank lets you show your map in Fullscreen Mode so you can see your map come to life right before your eyes. It also allows various zooming levels to provide custom viewing of maps.

Cross Browser Compatible

Google Maps Bank plugin is fully compatible with all the popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

User Friendly Interface

Google Maps Bank is an easy and powerful WordPress Plugin. It allows you to add responsive and powerful google maps to your website. It is a high-performance, feature-packed plugin for all your mapping needs.

Automatic Plugin Updates

Google Maps Bank allow you to get automatic updates whenever there is a new version available to Business & Developer Edition users on monthly basis with Bug Fixes and new Features without losing your data.

Super Duper Support

Quick Response to your queries and issues are provided directly by the support team. We firmly believe that having fast, friendly and helpful Customer Support is important. We constantly strive to offer the best support possible.


Google Maps Bank supports 36 Global Languages. It covers almost all widely spoken languages in the world. More and more people across the globe are new associating with Google Maps Bank.

Roles & Capabilities

You can determine the access level or permissions of Google Maps Bank among authorized users. This feature allows you to specify particular role and capability to the user accordingly.